iBROAD kick-off meeting in Athens

iBROAD the new Horizon 2020 project aiming to explore, design, develop and demonstrate the concept of individual Building Renovation Roadmaps, with 12 partners from 9 countries kicked off on 3-4 July in Athens, Metropolitan area, Greece. The iBROAD project works on developing a so-called Individual Building Renovation Roadmap for single family houses. This tool looks at the building as a whole and provides a customised renovation plan with a long-term horizon. The Renovation Roadmap will be combined with a repository of building-related information (building logbook/passport) on aspects like the energy consumption and production, executed maintenance and building plans. Τhis approach is expected to empower home-owners with knowledge and experience of deep renovation, to provide energy auditors with a practical tool and to provide public authorities with real-life examples of residential deep renovation. The iBROAD project it is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework programme for Research and Innovation. The Renovation Roadmaps will be tested and verified by experts and governmental actors in Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal and Germany. The project is led by Sympraxis Team (Greece) and the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE, Belgium).

HORIZON 2020 iBROAD project commences

The 1st of June is the official start date for the new project iBROAD, implemented within the frame of the Horizon 2020 programme, with Sympraxis Team as coordinating partner. The project is related to so-called “Building Renovation Passports”, as these have been highlighted in the relevant work of Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE). The project will develop tools for the planning and implementation of stepwise and long-term energy renovation of buildings, taking into account the specific requirements of each building and its owners. BPIE is the second main participant in the project consortium, where 9 EU Member States are represented. The other partners are IFEU – Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (Germany), TU Wien – Technical University of Vienna (Austria), INZEB – Institute of Zero Energy Buildings (Greece),  BPAC – Blue Planet Academy & Consulting (Belgium), Eneffect Center for Energy Efficiency (Bulgaria), ADENE Energy Agency (Portugal), VEA – Flemish Energy Agency (Belgium), KAPE – Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (Poland),  PHC – Passive House Center (Sweden), INCD URBAN-INCERC – National Institute for Research and Development in Construction, Urban Planning and Sustainable Spatial Development (Romania).

Corporate Responsibility Consultants for Flisvos Marina

A new cooperation for providing consulting services to LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A. in matters of corporate responsibility began in June. On behalf of the company, which has undertaken the management and utilisationof Flisvos Marina, the Sympraxis Team undertook the elaboration of a study to support the company in implementing an integrated corporate responsibility programme,incorporating social and environmental factors into its business activities in the best possible way.

Journey2Jobs: 71% of the trainees already in working positions

A graduation celebration for all participants completed the training cycle of the young people who participated in the Journey2Jobs programme for the enhancement of employability. The event took place on 26 June 2917 at the central building of New York College..At the graduation event, a representative of SIG (international consulting company specialising in software systems quality) participated with a proposal for the certification of the code, as well as representatives of the international companies Agile Actors and Printec, which are active in the Greek IT market. Also, representatives of all the participants of the programme, including Sympraxis Team, participated in the event with their proposals for the empowerment of personal and professional profile. The training programme was based on the real needs of the Greek market; this had as a direct result the employment of more than 71% of the trainees in stable and well-paid jobs. Employment continues, and the expectation is that the programme’s original goals will be by far surpassed.

Conference on Water Management

On 29 and 30 June 2017, the Sympraxis Team realised the organising of a two-day exchange meeting with the title “Integrated Marine and Inland Water Management: Next Steps – Operational Planning for Exploiting Results” on behalf of SACEP (Special Agency for Coordination of Environmental Projects) in the context of the Integrated Marine and Inland Water Management programme of the European Economic Area (EEA) Grants. The two-day event was held at the Titania Hotel in Athens, with more than 100 invited participants from all over Greece, representatives of State Bodies responsible for water management, Ministries, Universities and Educational Institutions, as well as the Embassy of Norway.

Colouring Positive Energy: the programme’s video is now online

Sympraxis Team has created an one-minute video that includes significant snapshots of the three big public murals realised in the context of the ‘Colouring Positive Energy’ programme. The video was created in order to highlight the programme’s actions, which aimed to visually transform three ‘grey’ locations in Athens, inspiring its citizens to adopt an optimistic attitude. The murals were implemented by UrbanAct  and the renown street artist Same84, with the cooperation of the Athens Municipality under the sponsorship of Amita Motion.