Participation of Sympraxis Team in Sustainable Brands 2016

In the international meeting on innovation and sustainability Sustainable Brands 2016, which was held on 26 and  27 May 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey, Sympraxis Team participated with a proposal by Thanos Belalidis, with the title “Doing Well by Doing Good for Good Reasons: An Overview of Cause Marketing in Turbulent Times”. Sustainable Brands is an international community for education and cooperation, with the mission of empowerment and development of businesses for a better world and a sustainable planet. The international meetings carried out by Sustainable Brands provide an opportunity of training on the latest innovations in the field of sustainability, as well as the opportunity of networking with experts in branding issues. The participation of Sympraxis Team in this important community is indicative of the recognition of its work by renowned international institutions excelling at the promotion of innovation and sustainability. The presentation of the proposal of Sympraxis Team was ensured through its collaboration with Global Sustain.

3,000 to benefit from the Blood Donation Campaign of OTE Group

The 54th Blood Donation of OTE Group -started in April and completed in May 2016- was realised with the contribution of Sympraxis Team in the planning and implementation of the internal communication campaign. The material used for the communication campaign included: posters; specially designed stationary illuminated stands; mobile stands; online material on the employees’ internal network. The basic concept of the communication campaign is the special relationship that is created between the volunteer blood donor and the person who receives and uses the blood: two people which may not know each other, but the first one saves the life of the latter. OTE Group has a long tradition in blood donation, since it maintains for many years one of the biggest corporate blood banks in Greece, aiming to meet the needs of employees and their families. During the 54th Blood Donation Campaign, 1,043 blood bags from voluntary donors were collected, a figure which marks an increase of 18% and 26% respectively from the previous two campaigns of OTE Group. The total number of potential beneficiaries of the blood bags offered is estimated at 3,000 people.

Antismoking campaign at OTE Group

The Sympraxis Team planned, in collaboration with attp, and supervised an antismoking campaign for the OTE Group of companies, targeted for the Group’s employees. This was a country-wide campaign, emphasizing on the 5 largest buildings in Attiki, as well as the buildings in Thessaloniki, Patras and Heraklion, Crete. The campaign did not focus only on the risks involved as a result of smoking, but also on the quality of life a smoker enjoys after stopping the habit. In the context of the campaign, 5 smoking booths (special spaces isolated with glass) were placed both at the Central Building of OTE and at its building in Peania, in order to accommodate smokers while protecting non-smokers from passive smoking. Digital material, posters, large special stands, small posters in WCs, stickers in stairways, stickers at the smoking booths marking the space while protecting from accidents due to collision with glass,  special signs and dressed ashtrays were used. Five different themes  were implemented, based on original cuttings, which multiplied the impact of the action.

Launch of the 4th book on the implementation of the European Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings

The complete edition of the Concerted Action EPBD book “2016 Implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) – Featuring Country Reports” was successfully launched at the end of April. The book, the 4th in a series that started in 2008, highlights the major developments in the EPBD implementation for the period 2012-2015. Part A of the book describes the main accomplishments and the remaining challenges on specific EPBD topics across Europe, as well as conclusions and recommendations for the upcoming EPBD review, expected for 2016/2017. Part B of the book contains reports from the 28 EU Members States plus Norway. The Sympraxis Team was responsible for language editing and page setting of the edition, as it was for the 2011 and 2013 editions. The book is available in electronic form via the Concerted Action EPBD website.

Debriefing event for Circle of Love and Cores of Knowledge

The debriefing event for the two programmes realised by the Children Support Centre of Elefsis in the context of the programme titled “We are all citizens” was held on 24 April with the participation of a large number of beneficiaries residents of Thriasio Pedio. At the event, the outcomes of the two action plans “Circle of Love for the Families of Thriasio Pedio” and “Cores of Knowledge” were presented. Bodossakis Foundation, the programme’s grant manager, was represented by Mrs. Fay Koutzoukou, who, addressing the attendees, highlighted the important role of the Children Support Centre. Sympraxis Team supported the Centre in the submission of proposals, and was responsible for the management and publicity of the programmes.

Thomas Kolster, a Cause Marketing guru, in Athens

On 21 April, Sympraxis Team and Global Sustain successfully organised in Athens an important educational seminar on Cause Marketing, presenting the internationally renowned speaker and author Thomas Kolster. The seminar was attended by more than 70 business executives working on corporate responsibility and sustainability issues. The seminar presented the methods for the effective use of Cause Marketing by companies and non-profit organisations, as well as successful best practices at global level. Furthermore, the attendees had the opportunity to participate in experiential exercises, learning ways in which a company can address today’s ethically thinking consumers. Thanos Belalidis, on behalf of the Sympraxis Team, closed the all-day seminar by presenting best practices from Cause Marketing initiatives implemented by various Greek companies, highlighting the possibility that advertising can be a force for the benefit of the environment and society.