Sympraxis developed the ESG & Sustainability Strategy for PAPASTRATOS S.A. and has been supporting the company’s Integrated Sustainability Reports for 3 consecutive years. PAPASTRATOS report provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s business model, governance, management strategies, and performance against sustainability objectives, focusing on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. This report outlines the steps taken to improve both the environmental footprint of products and the operational efficiency of processes.


For more information, check PMI Integrated Report 2022





Sympraxis supported the production of the first PPC Group Sustainability Report 2020 and the creative design of PPC Group Sustainability Report 2022. Sympraxis has implemented the Materiality Analysis for PPC for the year 2020. For the analysis, 25 responses were collected from the Company’s Management and 11,510 from employees and external Stakeholders.



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PPC Group Sustainability Report 2020

PPC Group Sustainability Report 2022