The 2nd “Effective Stakeholder Dialogue – Reality Check” Conference is coming on 4 June 2024 for the second consecutive year to make its mark in an era characterised by a deep environmental crisis, intense social turmoil and challenges at a global level. The Hellenic Consultation Institute, Sympraxis and Global Sustain are joining forces with a wide range of participants from various sectors of society –corporate world, Non-Governmental Organisations, Greek State, journalists, artists, influencers and sustainability experts– to highlight the importance of communication and finding solutions through fruitful dialogue and effective compromises on divergent views. Against the background of a world in urgent need of sustainable solutions for society, ecosystems and vital institutions such as Democracy, the Conference aspires to redefine the parameters of dialogue. The 2nd Effective Dialogue Conference aims to inspire hope, promote change and effectively contribute to the global pursuit of a sustainable and just future. It is an invitation to all stakeholders to engage in meaningful communication against growing misinformation, polarisation and climate collapse.