Finance Manager

With a dynamic career rooted in financial management, Markos is a growth-focused professional recognized for his prowess in formulating and executing strategic business operations. His expertise extends to proficiently managing reporting processes, overseeing financial and accounting metrics, and fostering a collaborative work environment that engages staff to achieve collective success.
Throughout his career, Markos has demonstrated a keen ability to build and fortify relationships at all organizational levels, collaborating seamlessly with key stakeholders to drive business growth. Adept at cost analysis within production and sales, he specializes in resolving intricate issues through innovative and effective methods.
As a dedicated professional, he is a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece and holds a license as a Tax A’ Class Accountant. Additionally, he is a member of the Body of Certified Public Accountants, showcasing his commitment to professional excellence and adherence to industry standards in the field of accounting and taxation.
As evidenced by his experience and expertise, Markos’ skill set encompasses a broad spectrum, with notable strengths in finance management, business development, and performance improvement. He brings a strategic lens to cost accounting and tax diligence, coupled with a proven track record in entrepreneurship and budgeting/costing initiatives. In navigating the intricate landscape of financial information, he excels in interacting and negotiating with management to glean insights that align with overarching business objectives as well as ensuring meticulous reporting and controlling processes. His multifaceted capabilities extend to strategic planning and execution, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and adeptly managing sales and operations.
Markos is a results-driven financial professional with a diverse skill set, combining strategic insight with hands-on operational expertise. His passion lies in steering businesses towards sustained growth and success through a combination of financial acumen, collaborative leadership, and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of business operations. Diligent in contracts assessment and follow-up, he brings a comprehensive approach to ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating risks.