Proud to be part of a new and exciting journey, supporting the evolution of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) in Europe!

In the context of the Horizon Europe PEDvolution project, European pioneers in PED conceptualisation, implementation and tool development will co-develop and implement interoperable solutions to accommodate the constant evolution of PEDs. The solutions will evaluate and improve the PED’s ‘Readiness Level’ according to its social, technological, interoperability and market genes and their interaction within the PED and its environment. Real-life PEDs across Europe will provide a demonstration and validation environment for the solutions and tools, opening up pathways for replication, upscaling and mainstreaming.

After 2 days of intensive collaboration, coordinated by INLECOM, the 1st physical meeting of the Horizon Europe PEDvolution project, was successfully concluded in Athens on the 27th and 28th of  February 2024, and partners are eager to start redefining the landscape of sustainable urban development.