Living in Greece, a country where the per capita annual food waste is among the highest in the world –around 142 kg, when the average is around 74 kg–, the need for the proper management and reuse of biodegradable, organic waste is more than necessary. On y 6-8 May, Sympraxis Team organised the international multi- thematic conference titled RETASTE: Rethink Food Waste, on behalf of the Hellenic Mediterranean University and Harokopio University. The Conference initiated the dialogue on the huge problem of food waste, proposing feasible solutions for its management, starting even from within our own home. Attended by keynote speakers in the fields of food, bioeconomics and circular economy from all around the world, the Conference addressed academics, industry, all stakeholders seeking to actively address the huge issue of food waste, and aware citizens. More than 70 speakers and 150 participants from the USA to Tokyo and Ghana were present.