With the implications of climate change (extreme weather conditions, pandemic, etc.) reaching our doorstep, the time to act is now. A critical role lies in improving Europe’s building stock energy performance and this cannot be reached through the existing energy performance certificate (EPC) schemes alone. The European Union’s ambitious climate commitments, as outlined in the Renovation Wave strategy, define the way and at the same time imply radical changes and raise new challenges. The H2020 iBRoad2EPC, project, coordinated by Sympraxis Team, as a continuation of the well-acknowledged iBRoad project, represents the next step in energy performance assessment practices, showcasing the integration of Building Renovation Passport elements into EPC schemes, to improve and broaden their joint scope. With direct involvement of the implementing authorities in Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain, iBRoad2EPC envisages to become an integral part of relevant national schemes within the 3 years of its duration, thereby establishing the next generation of EPCs that will support Europe’s decarbonisation ambitions while improving conditions for building occupants.