The PPC Group Sustainability Report for 2020 records for the first time the overall footprint of the Group in the fields of Environment, Society and Governance, capturing the activities of PPC, HEDNO, PPC Renewables and the smaller subsidiaries of the Group, as well as their contribution with their relative performance in achieving seven of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN.

“The data presented confirm the important decisions we make for the transformation of the PPC Group, while being the compass for what needs to be done in the future. It is the proof for the new Sustainability strategy that we elaborate and develop, with the aim to integrate it in all the structures, the culture and the value production chain of the Group,” said Georgios Stassis, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PPC. Sympraxis Team, in collaboration with Global Sustain, supported the PPC Group in this journey of data collection, the process of recognizing the Company’s material issues, and the elaboration of the Report. The PPC Group Sustainability Report 2020 is available here.