Henkel Consumer Brands and Dixan realised on 21 March 2024, the World Forest Day, the first voluntary cleaning action for 2024 in Hymettus, in the context of the “Clean Thoroughly – Clean at the Source” programme. Employees of the company, Kropia Municipality and 7 Non-Governmental Voluntary Organisations were actively present with the participation of 95 volunteers. The popular actor Nikos Kouris, a constant supporter of Dixan’s clean-up activities, was there to clean the area together with the other volunteers, strengthening the environmental awareness, consciousness raising and individual responsibility of the general public. A total of 26 tonnes of waste was collected, including 70 vehicle tyres, 1 tonne of recyclable plastics and 25 tonnes of trash, filling 4 trucks and cleaning up the area. With positive energy and mood, the volunteers came together, removing a remarkable amount of waste and practically contributing to the protection of the natural environment. The goal of the volunteers who were mobilised and thoroughly cleaned the area was to encourage the young generation to take active action and to highlight the need to protect the vital lung of Attica. Dixan has the longest running cleaning programme in Greece and is back in action for the 5th consecutive year, recognising the criticality of the situation and undertaking yet another cleaning action initiative. Sympraxis has undertaken the planning, organisation and implementation of the voluntary action as well as the entire cleaning programme.

Watch the video of the voluntary cleaning action HERE.