On 3 June, we had the opportunity to have a discussion with the pioneer and internationally renowned professor Mat Santamouris on citizen responsibility as well as on a number of other topical issues related to climate change, such as the phenomenon of urban heat island in large cities and the burden of human health due to rising temperatures. Starting from the dramatic impact of energy poverty on households, as a point of social discrimination, as well as from the active attitude of citizens towards the climate crisis, Mr. Santamouris stressed the fact that, as long as Greeks do not realise that the quality of the urban environment is inextricably linked to their quality of life, they will not realise the danger lurking in rising temperatures. In the interview, important scientific work and pilot projects to achieve zero-energy consumption in buildings were presented. Also, the importance of combining climate change mitigation technologies with adaptation technologies was stressed, as well as the need for energy education for all. The interview was conducted by Thanos Belalidis, who represented the LIFE ASTI project and Sympraxis Team. Dr. Mat Santamouris is the Anita Lawrence Professor of High Performance Architecture in the University of New South Wales in Australia.

You can watch the interview HERE.