The Concerted Action EPBD is a joint initiative between 27 EU Member States plus UK and Norway and the European Commission, bringing together representatives of the national ministries in charge of preparing the technical, legal and administrative framework for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Its plenary meetings, normally held physically on a bi-annual basis, are the main raison d’etre of the Concerted Action, allowing the exchange of experience and challenges on the adoption and implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 4th Concerted Action EPBD V plenary meeting planned for November 2020 had to be done as a virtual event. Sympraxis Team was assigned the overall technical support of the virtual plenary meeting, which lasted 3 days, consisted of 18 sessions in 3 parallel slots and 2 plenary sessions, and facilitated concurrently more than 300 participants from a closed community of experts. With the recent publication by the EC of the Renovation Wave Strategy and the results of the pandemic freshly reflected in the economy and the environment, while strongly affecting the way our building stock is used, the Concerted Action EPBD V has a very strong role to play in defining Europe’s energy future.