Building Renovation Passports, renovation roadmaps and Digital Building Logbooks have the potential to become “game changers” for the much-needed deep renovation of the EU building stock, complementing and enhancing current Energy Performance Certificates. This is one of the key conclusions of the HORIZON 2020 iBRoad project’s Final Conference that was virtually organised on Tuesday 24 November by Sympraxis Team, coordinator of iBRoad. The Conference reviewed the iBRoad project’s achievements during its 3,5 years of implementation, while opening the broader discussion on Building Renovation Passports and related tools in the context of the EC’s recently published Renovation Wave Strategy. iBRoad’s guest panellists included representatives from the European Commission, public authorities, research institutions, the financial sectors and other relevant EU-funded projects. The Conference was attended by 117 participants!

iBRoad project final conference