At the end of 1 year of implementation, the first results of the iBRoad project have been released. These include an overview of the existing practices with regard to the Energy Performance Certificates and the institutional framework of energy audits in 8 countries, as well as the approaches currently used in Belgium (Flanders), Denmark, France and Germany in relation to the iBRoad concept. The market and user-profile survey regarding the Individual Building Renovation Roadmaps, which was carried out in Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal with the participation of more than 1,500 individuals, gives us information about the needs, challenges and expectations of potential users. In addition, through a detailed engagement plan, the key stakeholders for iBRoad were identified, while the 1st round of meetings in 8 participant countries was completed. Sympraxis Team is the coordinating partner of iBRoad (funded by the HORIZON 2020 programme) and Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE, Belgium) is its content leader. A host of distinguished state and private bodies also participate as partners in the project.