A dynamic voluntary action was organised by Sympraxis for the people of PAPASTRATOS, in collaboration with the Non Governmental Organisation Save Your Hood, on the occasion of World Cleanup Day, the international initiative that every year, on 17 September, brings together millions of volunteers, governments and organisations from all over the world to shout out their message for a sustainable world without waste.

In this context, we made an appointment on Tuesday, 13 September, to clean the beach and the port of Angelochori, which are half an hour away from the center of Thessaloniki. It is a beautiful coastal settlement next to the wetland of the Angelochori lagoon that is home to hundreds of bird species all year round.

A large group of more than 100 volunteers was divided into smaller groups and, under the coordination of Thanos Belalidis, from Sympraxis Team, and Vangelis Michos, volunteer of Save Your Hood and President of the Educational – Cultural Association of Angelochori, cleaned the port’s piers and the adjacent beach parts on both sides from mainly fishing waste, but also from the usual waste of plastic, aluminum, paper, etc. The event was attended by both the Administration of PAPASTRATOS and representatives of the Municipal Authorities from the Municipalities of Thessaloniki and Thermaikos. It was a joyous occasion demonstrating the fact that when public, private and civil society bodies cooperate, everything looks more optimistic!

1.2 tons of exclusively recyclable waste were collected. Among them, 50 bags of 100 liters, 3 large barrels and 200 kg of nets – the main scourge of the area due to the coastal fishing activity. These will be given to the NGO Enaleia.

We are immensely happy to have contributed with our work to the protection and restoration of open spaces that are so important for the environment, surviving close to cities and facing all kinds of difficulties and challenges. These spaces are vital for the inhabitants of urban areas, who so much need to be in contact with the countryside!