Teleconferencing and virtual events have become an integral part of our life. However, implementing a high-quality virtual event, without sound interruptions, image quality issues and intrusive noise, remains a challenge.

Responding to this challenge Sympraxis Team has developed a brand-new product, with the guaranteed implementation of effective consultations, discussions with stakeholder, working meetings, digital or hybrid, leveraging on its experience gained numerous digital and “natural” meetings in Greece and Europe. Watch a short informative video about the equipment and facilities we use.

The following options are provided as services:

  • 100% digital implementation. All participants are situated in the area of their choice, with the possibility of intervention and interaction within the context of the live streaming we provide through webex and YouTube for guaranteed quality. Our ten-member specialised team remotely coordinates the speakers and the audience from the studio and ensures the optimal experience of the participants, providing telephone technical support to those who are not familiar with the technology.
  • A hybrid implementation model. We hold the event in the studio, with the physical presence of keynote speakers and those involved, as well as speakers who are digitally connected, exclusively from their space. Once again, we channel the event into the internet and the audience attends the event us from the place of their choice. We provide technical support to ensure quality and as long as you agree, we can send our own camera to speakers.
  • Utilisation of the studio or space of your choice, complying with all the safety standards. We gather in controlled conditions (backdrop with one speaker at a time, large tables of maximum 10 seats per three people, etc.) the faces of your choice (e.g. speakers, management, agency/body representatives, journalists). We channel the event into the internet with high definition quality, a totally seamless experience which of course cannot be not compared to zoom and skype meetings. We also offer individual meals and drinks.

Thank you for investing your time in this communication. As a thank you, Sympraxis Team is going to offer you a free 40-minute seminar that describes in detail all the steps for implementing your small digital meetings, with excellent quality, with any other outside help. Do send us an e-mail at info [at] sympraxis [dot] eu, so that you can receive the relevant link from us.

Would you be interested in arranging a digital meeting, in order to further discuss your needs? Contact us via phone at 210 2113333 or via email at info [at] sympraxis [dot] eu