The hybrid event “Heraklion smart-cohesive city, meeting place of 5 + 1 cultures, from Sustainable Development Strategies to a climate-neutral city in 2030 ” was held on 9 December at the Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion Crete, with the presentation of the new perspective given to the city of Heraklion by the Sustainable Urban Development projects. These are important projects of infrastructure, civil protection, urban regeneration, culture, and recycling, as well as intangible actions that utilize the digital age. These projects proceed to the final stage of implementation, aiming at improving the daily life of the citizens of Heraklion. School students also participated in the activities through two pilot programs, taking action and proposing creative ideas, with the Venetian Walls, an important element of the historical past of the city, as a dominant stimulus. In December, a campaign was launched to promote the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (SUDS) on television and radio stations in Heraklion, news portals and print media, with the slogan “Heraklion changes through the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy”. Sympraxis Team, the communication contractor of the project, has undertaken all the promotion and awareness actions for SUDS. Watch the video from the event, as well as all the information material of the project.