We have an ambitious mission: to “make good things happen”. Our aim is to devote 100% of our time as effective professionals to a planet facing critical challenges and needs.
This is why we created Sympraxis Team and therefore sympraxis.eu, where an indicative part of our projects is featured. Projects fulfilling the above mission. Sympraxis.eu also highlights the European identity of Sympraxis Team, which continuously invests in strategic partnerships in Greece and at the European level, to resolve our shared challenges.

We strongly believe in a united Europe, collaborating for a better world under a common set of principles and values, and have been supporting this vision since our very first day. In 2019 we celebrate our 18 years in business and are proud to announce that Sympraxis Team is among the three finalists of EURid’s 2019.eu web awards in the “Better World” category!

Want to help make a better world with your organisation too? Our team, the veritable Jack-Of-All-Agencies, ranging from strategic consulting and stakeholder consultation, to project management and communication services, is here for you. Backed by an impressively skilled and versatile network, we are the answer to your organisation’s sustainability ambitions, helping you make a difference to the environment and society!

Thank you for your sincere support and trust! View more: https://eurid.eu/en/news/2019-web-awards-finalists/