A graduation celebration for all participants completed the training cycle of the young people who participated in the Journey2Jobs programme for the enhancement of employability. The event took place on 26 June 2917 at the central building of New York College. At the graduation event, a representative of SIG (international consulting company specialising in software systems quality) participated with a proposal for the certification of the code, as well as representatives of the international companies Agile Actors and Printec, which are active in the Greek IT market. Also, representatives of all the participants of the programme, including Sympraxis Team, participated in the event with their proposals for the empowerment of personal and professional profile. The training programme was based on the real needs of the Greek market; this had as a direct result the employment of more than 71% of the trainees in stable and well-paid jobs. Employment continues, and the expectation is that the programme’s original goals will be by far surpassed.