The last months five iBRoad webinars have taken place, coordinated by Sympraxis Team in order to bring closer the general public with the iBRoad project and tools. The webinar titled “How to implement building roadmaps in the market: policy approaches” highlighted examples of policy support for building renovation roadmaps and similar tools. The second webinar titled “Test driving the Individual Building Renovation Roadmap and Logbook” presented the lessons learnt and positive examples from the pilot countries. The next webinar titled “How can EU Member States implement iBRoad?” addressed how the iBRoad approach can be further implemented in other Member States. The last two webinars “How are building renovation passports created? A real time tour of the iBRoad software” and “iBRoad and Building Renovation Passports: stakeholders’ views” provided a live demonstration on the iBRoad software tools and discussed the views of the project’s stakeholders, respectively. Watch the webinars here