The European Union Joint Action on Vaccination (EU-JAV) is a consortium funded by the European Commission with the aim to work on key issues related to vaccination, and to provide governments and all stakeholders with the means for the successful fight against vaccine-preventable diseases. EU-JAV was launched in 2018 and ended in March 2022, with the project’s closing conference offering the opportunity to present research work and provide vaccine-specific scientific tools that promote long-term European cooperation against vaccine-preventable diseases, contributing to improving the population’s health. Sympraxis Team, on behalf of the National Public Health Organization (NPHO) –the Greek partner of the consortium–, undertook the organisation of the project’s closing hybrid conference and the management of social media and the website, while contributing to the general coordination, the gathering of material and the reviewing of the content for the delivery of the final reports and other information material on the project’s conclusions.