The Sympraxis Team planned, in collaboration with attp, and supervised an antismoking campaign for the OTE Group of companies, targeted for the Group’s employees. This was a country-wide campaign, emphasizing on the 5 largest buildings in Attiki, as well as the buildings in Thessaloniki, Patras and Heraklion, Crete. The campaign did not focus only on the risks involved as a result of smoking, but also on the quality of life a smoker enjoys after stopping the habit. In the context of the campaign, 5 smoking booths (special spaces isolated with glass) were placed both at the Central Building of OTE and at its building in Peania, in order to accommodate smokers while protecting non-smokers from passive smoking. Digital material, posters, large special stands, small posters in WCs, stickers in stairways, stickers at the smoking booths marking the space while protecting from accidents due to collision with glass,  special signs and dressed ashtrays were used. Five different themes  were implemented, based on original cuttings, which multiplied the impact of the action.