On 4 December, an online event highlighting an important historical period closely linked to the pre-revolutionary history of the Aegean islands was held on the occasion of the year celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821. The event took place in the framework of the Year of Greek-Russian History 2021, and was organised by the Committee of the Year of the Municipality of Paros and the Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros in collaboration with the Institute of Historical Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (IHR/NHRF). During the event, the Archipelagos Historia Digital Library, which includes important historical documents, was presented, and a discussion was coordinated on the topic: “The Russians in the Aegean, 18th century. The role of Paros”, in which distinguished Greek and Russian historians participated. The discussion was moderated by Elisavet Papazoi, Chairperson of the Committee of the Year of Greek-Russian History 2021 of the Municipality of Paros. Sympraxis Team supported the event’s organisation, believing in the promotion and utilisation of the cultural and historical heritage of our country as a key pillar of sustainability and sustainable development.