The Sympraxis Team and the attp advertising agency created two TV spots, promoted as social messages on behalf of Medecins du Monde. The first spot concerns Medecins du Monde’s 25 years of action in Greece, and the second was created for the promotion of the results of ADAMANTIADA (Enamelathon), a project regarding oral hygiene for children, which helped thousands of little smiles to bloom. ADAMANTIADA was implemented in 66 Primary schools in the Municipality of Athens, and was carried out by 50 volunteer dentists of Medecins du Monde, who examined a total of 9.382 children and performed dental interventions on 22.281 teeth. The project, which dealt to a large extent with a serious public health issue and promoted dental care as a right everyone should enjoy, helped hundreds of families facing financial difficulties and unable to provide dental care to their children. The Sympraxis Team, along with attp, undertook all of the project’s Communication and Publicity actions.