The OTE–COSMOTE Group’s integrated recycling system, with the motto “Recycling – A small effort for a big result”, was expanded to 4 new office buildings during October 2014, and now operates in 6 buildings in total (in Attiki, Thessaloniki and Patra), in which 6.500 employees work. The Sympraxis Team undertook the system’s development and application in the 4 office buildings as well as the design and production of the internal communication program addressed to the Group’s employees. Paper recycling bins were placed in all building offices. The OTE–COSMOTE Group’s integrated recycling system foresees the separation of recyclable materials in different bins inside the buildings, a practice that optimises the results of the recycling process. During its first 15 months of operation in 2 office buildings, 70 tons of paper, 4,3 tons of plastic, 4.320 ink cartridges and 450 kilos of batteries were recycled.