Two innovative projects, to which Sympraxis Team has contributed, were presented at two important events: at the 7th Corporate Responsibility in Action Conference and at the Energy Conference 2020 which was realised for the eighth year. On 23 June, Thanos Belalidis, focusing on the positive developments and on what can really change in the employment sector, showcased the Journey2Jobs project in his presentation titled “Journey2jobs: the experience of implementing a youth employability project, with 100% recruitment success for all participants”. Respectively, on 9 July, Alexander Deliyannis showcased the iBRoad project in his presentation titled “Building renovation passports from the perspective of the iBRoad project: a win-win-win solution”, focusing on the tools offered by the project to homeowners in order to develop integrated renovation plans with significant energy efficiency and financial benefit. IBRoad is one of the three distinguished projects of the EU Sustainable Energy Awards in the “Innovation” category.