The actions of the ”Communication Action Plan of the Ministry of the Environment & Energy – YPEN” project for the environmental awareness raising and information of the citizens on a series of crucial environmental issues were successfully completed. The project aimed at highlighting the role and contribution of the YPEN policies to the general public and the competent bodies, as well as informing the citizens about the actions and projects of the Ministry’s individual Directorates, and their impact on the protection of the environment and the quality of the citizens’ life. Within the project’s framework, a series of events and actions were carried out with great success and the active participation of the citizens, such as: World Environment Day,  Accessibility and walkability in Greek cities online day, Forest ecosystems one-day conference, Greek landscapes photography competition, Script Competition with the theme “Climate crisis, an urgent threat to our planet”, Open event for the World Car Free Day, Innovative ideas competition – Climathon, Climate-neutral and smart cities one-day conference, Pan-Hellenic School Competition for Biodiversity, Three-day Conference on “Energy Security and Green Growth and One-day conference on biodiversity and protected areas. The YPEN, with the whole of the project’s actions, informed and activated the general public with a set of interventions with sustainable development as the main goal. Sympraxis, as the project’s communication contractor, undertook the project’s overall implementation on behalf of the YPEN.