On 5 June, we celebrated the World Environment Day by cleaning the Kifissos stream together with 25 volunteer employees of Papastratos. Of the 27 kilometers of Kifissos, 25 have been encapsulated, filled with dredging spoils and completely destroyed. In the 2 kilometers that remain free, an unexpected paradise is preserved in the heart of Attica, with rich vegetation, many bird species and an endemic species of fish! There we met, organising a cleaning action where about 225 kg of waste were collected. We removed from a significant part of the stream small objects, mainly plastic, glass, aluminum, etc., contributing to the protection and restoration of the last part of Kifissos that survives undiscovered by the majority of the inhabitants of Metropolitan Athens! We even pulled a bench out of the stream!

We are happy to help our customers in organising voluntary actions! These belong to Sympraxis Team’s DNA. These useful moments of social contribution bring us even closer on a human level!