Sympraxis Team has undertaken the planning and implementation of the Integrated Waste Management & Recycling Systems, for private companies, in which the principles of separation-at-source and quantitative/qualitative measurement of results are met in a cost-effective way. The development of Recycling Systems covers all aspects of implementation, including an eco-audit report, the design of the system, supporting the selection and installation of equipment, drafting of procedures manuals, training of the staff participating in the system’s operation, overview of the system’s start-up and operation, as well as the design and production of the promotional and information material addressed to employees, clients and suppliers of each company. The system, developed during a 4-phases implementation period, currently includes 17 office buildings with a total population of 9,000 employees, and ensures the separation-at-source and recycling of several materials (office paper, plastic, aluminum, packaging materials, batteries, telecommunication and other small electronic devices and light bulbs).