With the event “The Venetian Walls through the eyes of children”, which took place in December 2022 at the Municipality of Heraklion Cultural Center, the communication actions for the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (SUDS) of the Municipality of Heraklion were completed. The students of the 49th Primary School of Heraklion participated in the SUDS by experientially studying the history of their region and presented their literary and visual works, discovering, with the support of their teachers, new ways of creation and expression. The students’ work, inspired by the Venetian Walls as they experience them and as they dream them, was captured in an artistic way in a school calendar of 2023, which was published as part of the project. Sympraxis, as the project’s communication contractor, implemented the set of promotion and awareness actions for the SUDS from 2019 until its completion in January 2023.

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