On 8 and 9 November 2022, the 5th meeting of the 16 partners of the Horizon 2020 re-MODULEES project took place in Bari, Italy. Among them, Sympraxis, as responsible for the project’s communication, publicity and marketing strategy. Through a series of workshops, the partners had the opportunity to work on the specifications of the re-Modulees platform. This is an online platform aimed at professionals and consumers, supporting the selection of the appropriate combination of technical, business and financial solutions for renovation and energy upgrading, depending on the conditions and needs of each building. This is achieved by capitalising on tools and methods for the deep renovation of buildings, which have been developed in the context of previous European projects but have not yet been effectively integrated into the market. After almost two years of intensive pre-work by the partners, in collaboration with the 7 local pilot markets in respective European countries, the first test version of the re-Modulees platform is already operational. More functions are gradually added, and the necessary adjustments are made. The final, integrated version is expected to be delivered to the public in the last quarter of 2023.