International Account Manager

With strong experience in project management, Marianna joined Sympraxis Team as a Senior Manager, at the beginning of 2011. Her current expertise is twofold and lies in handling EU projects (proposal preparation, strategic planning, daily project management, progress monitoring, risk management, technical, financial and administrative management) on the one hand, and customised communications and outreach activities, including technical writing, copywriting and editorial review in English, Dutch and Greek, on the other, with particular focus on the fields of energy efficiency, environmental and sustainability issues.

Having been involved in several EU projects and initiatives, Marianna has a good understanding of the vision and status re energy efficiency of the built environment in the EU and MS. With a background of environmental sciences, she has also broad experience in leading and implementing environmental management, licensing and control projects, and has been training private and public organisations in the implementation of new European Directives on environmental issues. She has been the production executive of six technical books.

Her skills include excellent multidisciplinary and international team coordination and communication, leading teams towards achieving common goals. Her strengths lie in looking at the broader picture and being committed, methodological and flexible. Since 2013, Marianna is also deputy Quality Manager of Sympraxis Team (certified ISO 9001:2008 Auditor / Lead Auditor for Quality Management Systems by TUV Hellas).