In August 2022, the LIFE ASTI European project, which collected and expanded the research data concerning the effects of the Urban Heat Island in three (3) European cities, Thessaloniki, Rome and Heraklion, was completed. The project used this data also for the protection of vulnerable groups: the project’s results include the presentation of the short-term forecasting system supporting the timely warning of the residents and visitors of the cities about the heat strain during heatwaves, as well as the proposals for the protection of the health of vulnerable groups in urban areas. The project results further contribute to the current climate-related initiatives of the cities of focus, as both Rome and Thessaloniki are members of the new Covenant of Mayors (2030) and have committed to Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs). See the Layman’s Report, describing LIFE ASTI in simple words, the After Life Plan, as well as all public reports published during the four years of the project’s implementation. LIFE ASTI was designed and implemented by a transnational partnership led by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), and includes research bodies, local and regional administration as well as specialised Small and Medium-sized Enterprises from Greece and Italy. Sympraxis is the key communication partner of the project. The scheme will continue to monitor developments on the adaptation to the Urban Heat Island effect, and to support the further implementation of the LIFE ASTI results.