The “Information and Communication Activities” project of the General Secretariat of the Natural Environment and Waters of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy – YPEN was realised, aiming to provide effective information, to promote the active participation of social partners and citizens, and to disseminate good practices regarding actions, programmes and plans implemented by the Ministry. As part of the project, a series of communication actions were carried out during the months of October, November and December 2023. The following actions were implemented: 16 Consultation Days for the “River Basin Management Plans” in the 14 Water Divisions of the country, 6 Technical Working Meetings with the country’s water service providers regarding the “Water Services Monitoring Mechanism” information system, 56 Educational Environmental Programmes in schools for saving and reusing water, an Education – Training Day for Good Practices of water resources management, a Climathon Innovative Ideas Competition with the theme “Water, Nature, Man”, digital platforms, as well as an online game for the calculation of water footprint and the ways to save and reuse water. Citizens had the opportunity to be informed and, by applying good practices, to take active action for a sustainable planet for the generations to come. Sympraxis, as the project’s communication contractor, undertook its overall implementation on behalf of the YPEN.