In a time of intense confrontation, polarisation and greenwashing, such as the one we experience nowadays, honest dialogue with stakeholders is the only effective means of communication and a crucial tool for solving important environmental and social issues related to sustainability. At the 1st Effective Stakeholder Dialogue Conference, held on June 1, 2023 in Athens, more than 45 important Greek speakers as well as communication experts from eight European countries met and had the opportunity to exchange views on how the business world, civil society and government agencies can converse and cooperate to address the enormous challenges facing the planet and society today. The Conference was attended by more than 150 participants, executives of big companies, national and international NGOs, institutional bodies, Universities, representatives of the Greek State and specialised executives of communication companies,

In search of the truth and a common communication language, the elaborated subjects covered a wide range of issues concerning dialogue procedures to address crucial issues. Τhe 1st Effective Stakeholder Dialogue Conference was organised by Sympraxis Team, Global Sustain and the Hellenic Institute of Consultation, , under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens,

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