Communications & Project Officer

Ikaros graduated from the department of International and European Studies of the University of Piraeus and holds a Masters in Business Administration from Athens University of Economics and Business. He has worked for many companies in the private sector until he recently joined Sympraxis Τeam. He has most notably worked in the Marketing Department of Ford Motor Hellas a subsidiary of Ford of Europe, Alpha Bank, Qquant Master Servicer, and two Major Law Firms, (Jure and Sioufas and Associates) and has been a member of the social media planning team of a political party.

He is most experienced in providing administrative support services, delivering excellent quality customer service, oral and written communication in both Greek and English. Active Listening. Handling accounts receivable, negotiating payment plans, settling or restructuring outstanding debt, and customer complaint management. He has also actively managed groups of Party volunteers during his involvement with Politics to help maximize social media impact and facilitate effective communication of the Party’s political agenda and ideals. His latest pursuit is acquiring a professional diploma in digital marketing (PDDM) in order to offer good digital and social media marketing services to corporate customers and effectively spread ideas and information that will benefit society. Ikaros has joined Sympraxis Team because he believes there is more to doing business than achieving a good bottom line and wanted to work for a company that focuses on sustainability, a team that makes good things happen.