“Always share your love, so that it spreads everywhere”. With this solidarity message by Babis Pirounakis, President of the Children Support Center of Elefsis, the project “Building Society” was successfully completed in December 2021. The project’s duration was 22 months, and it was implemented aiming at the empowerment of children belonging in vulnerable groups in the Thriasio Pedio. In the project’s framework, the Center supported 70 children and more than 220 members of their families on a regular basis, providing activities for the development of children’s learning and social skills, support and counseling of the children’s family environment, vocational guidance and skills development in secondary school children, introduction and education of children about their rights, practical assistance to children and their families, acquaintance with prominent individuals who can inspire the children and set role models for their empowerment. The “Building Society” project was implemented by the Children Support Center of Elefsis in the context of the Active citizens fund program, which is jointly managed for Greece by the Bodosakis Foundation and SolidarityNow. Sympraxis Team had the pleasure to support the skill improvement of the Center’s staff and volunteers, as well as the project’s communication actions. The project was completed with an event held on 23 December, in which its important results, as well as its video and communication material, were presented.