EU Associate Project Manager

Angeliki is an Environmental Scientist with a BSc degree on Environmental Studies (University of the Aegean) and a MSc degree on Environmental Management and Physical Planning (Stockholm University). She is eager to always learn new skills, committed to self‑development, communicative with planning and coordination capabilities.

With strong experience as an environmental consultant on solid waste management for 3+ years, Angeliki has an integrated understanding on environmental issues such as climate change, sustainability issues, circular economy concepts, atmospheric pollution, energy and environmental education. More specifically, she develops environmental impact assessments, environmental risk analysis, feasibility studies for solid waste management projects (such as reusing centers, zero waste campuses and sports centers), solid waste management baselines by autopsies and waste sampling, techno-economic studies for hotels and other private companies and coordinates EU-funded programs on solid waste management for municipalities as an external assistant.

Within Sympraxis Team, she focuses mostly on the coordination, dissemination, progress monitoring and management of international and EU-funded projects in the fields of energy efficiency, environmental and sustainability issues.