Sympraxis participated in the 9th Delphi Economic Forum, on Thursday 11 April 2024, in the discussion entitled “Building trust in Green: Commitments and results”, which was moderated by Thanos Belalidis, Director, Sustainability Implementation & Communication, Sympraxis. The participants were Nikos Charalambides, Executive Director, Greenpeace, Greece; Lin Sun, Head of Sustainability Development, Jinko Solar; Dimitris Sakipis, Director, Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC Greece; Konstantinos Antoniadis, Managing Partner, EMICERT, Greece, as well as leading market executives with expertise in sustainability. The speakers focused on the challenges, the present and future of sustainability, illicit greenwashing practices of companies, but also on successful case studies that can contribute to meaningful action and the mobilisation of society. “We agree on the narrative, we hesitate on the action”, Nikos Charalambides characteristically said, referring to the corporate world and the imperative need for radical changes in practices, production way, and interaction with society.

Watch the video of the discussion “Building trust in Green: Commitments and results” of the 9th Delphi Economic Forum HERE.