In our time, which is characterized by a deep environmental crisis, intense social turmoil at a global level and a number of challenges even in corporate governance, the 2nd “Effective Stakeholder Dialogue – Reality Check” Conference, managed to highlight the importance of communication and finding solutions through dialogue to solve important environmental and social issues related to sustainability.

The Conference, held on 4 June 2024 at Serafio, Municipality of Athens, saw more than 60 distinguished speakers in 17 panels and keynote speeches, initiating a fruitful dialogue, highlighting the value of involving all stakeholders in decision-making. The Conference was attended by more than 200 participants, executives from companies, national and international NGOs, institutional bodies, universities, representatives of the Greek State and Local Authorities.

Seeking the truth in order to consult and achieve cooperation, the themes developed covered a wide range of topics related to dialogue processes to address critical issues.

The Conference is co-organised by Sympraxis, the Hellenic Consultation Institute and ANIMA