With an eye to an effective, open dialogue highlighting evidence-based argumentation and the vital need for a meaningful exchange of views on sustainability issues, Sympraxis, Global Sustain and the Hellenic Institute of Consultation, under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens, are organising the 1st Effective Stakeholder Dialogue Conference – The dialogue on big issues at the Electra Palace Athens Hotel, on Thursday, June 1, 2023. The Conference aspires to be a point of reference for critical stakeholder dialogue and best communication practices on sustainability issues. In an era of constant change and perturb, dialogue is the only effective means to resolve important and critical issues. At the same time, however, in a society that is changing at a rapid pace, there is an inability to participate in an honest and open dialogue.

The 1st Effective Stakeholder Dialogue Conference comes to bring forth a clear voce and highlight good practices of dialogue with stakeholders on sustainability and communication issues, which achieve to provide a solid value against barren confrontation, polarisation and greenwashing practices.

The Conference aims to bring together academics, professional experts, business executives, State representatives, and journalists from a variety of institutions in a fruitful exchange of views, in order to discuss the importance of stakeholder participation in decision-making, as well as its impact on sustainable development.

Important representatives from the corporate responsibility departments of multinational companies will discourse with executives of institutions and NGOs, seeking seamless cooperation between the business world and civil society, to address the challenges faced by the planet today, such as climate crisis, the loss of biodiversity, social inequality, and respect for diversity. Issues such as what is the role of the Greek state in its cooperation with social agencies for citizen defence will be discussed with State and NGO representatives. Specialised communication companies from other European countries will share good practices from their important partnerships. Specialised scientists and communication experts will address the foundations of effective communication and the reasons why it is so important not to fear dialogue but, on the contrary, to pursue it as a necessary element in shaping every strategic decision.


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Programme’s website: https://www.effectivedialogue.gr/

PR Partner: Action Global Communications Greece

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