The results of the first cycle of a very important ANIMA  program on the protection of wildlife were presented on December 27, at the Botanical Garden’s Environmental Training Center. The National Wildlife Observation Network achieved two main goals: firstly, the initial impression of the existing situation in Greece and, secondly, the involvement of the people in the scientific research, by promoting “citizen science”.  During the first nine months of operation, the network electronic platform has received more than observations 400 of dead (80%) or injured (20%) animals by 250 users. The vast majority of cases are due to traffic accidents. The Sympraxis Team designed and submitted the proposal on account of ANIMA, developed the electronic platform and methodology for the utilization of smartphones in that context and produced the project’s communication material. The project is funded by the Program of the total EEA Financial Mechanism for Greece “We are all Citizens”, and the Program’s Grant Administrator is the Bodossakis Foundation.