We tend to think of the business world, governments and civili society as separate sectors. Yet the dividing lines are very vague. We need a common value system which will ensure a positive contribution for all three social spaces.
— From the conclusions of a parallel discussion within the frame of the World Economic Forum, 2000

At the Sympraxis Team we understand that social changes give birth to new markets. We recognise entrepreneurial opportunities in the environmental protection and sustainable development, in acting against social exclusion and in politics to ensure equal opportunities to all genders. We recognise the dynamics of the emotional dimension that each product and each service should nowadays include, in order to win its market share. The Sympraxis Team bridges the profit-making and charitable sectors, plans innovative business strategies and manages integrated social contribution and communication projects, through win-win approaches. The Sympraxis Team offers its clients the possibility to take advantage of the opportunities and developments of this century.