Consultation on Water and Floods in 9 cities

The Sympraxis Team, in collaboration with the Joint Ventures of the Study Groups that elaborated the design projects for the Water Management and Flood Risk Plans, undertook the publicity of the management drafts, as well as the organisation of 13 dialogue days with the public in 9 cities in Greece during September and October 2017, on behalf of the Special Secretariat for Water of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. The publicity actions and the dialogue days concerned the 1st Review of the River Basin Management Plans for the Water Districts of Peloponnese, Western Central Greece, Epirus, Thessaly and Eastern Macedonia, as well as and the preparation of River Flood Risk Management Plans for the Water Districts of Western Central Greece, Epirus and Thessaly. The aim of these dialogue days, which were proved tragically topical after the murderous floods of Western Attica, was the public consultation with the local, regional and national bodies involved, with the aim of exchanging views on the formulation of the final Management Plans and the Strategic Environmental Impact Study.

Children Support Centre – Caring for those who took care of us

The Children Support Centre of Elefsis launched the implementation of a new programme for the care of Third Age people living in the Thriasian Plain. The programme’s basic aim is to “care for those who took care of us”, and its main actions concern the systematical supply of packaged food, ready meals, basic supplies for cleanliness and personal hygiene, as well as clothing for a total of 30 beneficiaries, either elderly couples or single elderly persons experiencing extreme poverty. Furthermore, the programme provides Social Services with the aim of informing the elderly about their social rights and the available social benefits, while offering support for the completion of documents related to state services and authorities. The programme is funded by the TIMA Charitable Foundation. The Sympraxis Team has coordinated the submission of the proposal and supports the Centre in the project management.

EuroAsia Interconnector: a crucial energy upgrade project

The Sympraxis Team has undertaken the strategic coordination of the dialogue among stakeholders, the compilation of the stakeholder engagement plan and the stakeholder mapping of an important Project of Common Interest (PCI) of the European Union: the EuroAsia Interconnector. The project interconnects the electrical systems of Israel, Cyprus and Greece (Crete – Attica) through a sub-marine cable with a total capacity of 1,000 MW and with a total budget of EUR 3.5 billion, while having significant results in critical energy issues such as the end of the energy isolation of Crete, the development of Alternative Energy Sources through new wind farms in Crete, the creation of new jobs and the geopolitical upgrading of Greece as an energy hub between the eastern Mediterranean and the EU. Sympraxis Team cooperates with EuroAsia Interconnector Limited, the company which has been commissioned by the European Commission as the official entity to implement this Project of Common Interest.

IMPULSE: for the energy upgrade of Mediterranean public buildings

The Sympraxis Team has undertaken the communication actions of the European project “Integrated Management Support for Energy Efficiency in Mediterranean PUblic Buildings – IMPULSE“. The project is coordinated by ΚΑΠΕ – CRES (Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving) and is realised in the framework of the European transnational programme Interreg MED, with a set of actions mapping the energy profile of a significant sample of public buildings in six Mediterranean cities. The project aims at introducing a supportive management system for the integrated design of energy efficiency interventions in public buildings. It will produce electronic, printed and audiovisual material, support the internal communication of the project partners with electronic tools, and emphisise the promotion of the project’s communication and the dissemination of its results with posts, articles and informative material in the special printed and electronic press as well as through the Social Media tools.

Contributing in tackling the pollution of Eastern Attica coasts

On behalf of the Municipality of Spata-Artemis, the Sympraxis Team undertook the production of communication material (printed matter, poster, entries) and communication tools to tackle coastal pollution by tobacco products, in the framework of the project “Publicity, communication and awareness-raising actions in the framework of the Coastal Environmental Certification Programme” of the International “Blue Flag” Programme. The material concerned the importance of the coastal zone, its management and protection, and included a reference to the potential dangers as well as the individual actions with which each of us can help protect the coasts and the natural environment as a whole.

iBRoad kick-off meeting in Athens

iBRoad the new Horizon 2020 project aiming to explore, design, develop and demonstrate the concept of individual Building Renovation Roadmaps, with 12 partners from 9 countries kicked off on 3-4 July in Athens, Metropolitan area, Greece. The iBroad project works on developing a so-called Individual Building Renovation Roadmap for single family houses. This tool looks at the building as a whole and provides a customised renovation plan with a long-term horizon. The Renovation Roadmap will be combined with a repository of building-related information (building logbook/passport) on aspects like the energy consumption and production, executed maintenance and building plans. Τhis approach is expected to empower home-owners with knowledge and experience of deep renovation, to provide energy auditors with a practical tool and to provide public authorities with real-life examples of residential deep renovation. The iBroad project it is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework programme for Research and Innovation. The Renovation Roadmaps will be tested and verified by experts and governmental actors in Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal and Germany. The project is led by Sympraxis Team (Greece) and the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE, Belgium).