Sympraxis Team represents QUALICHeCK at EU BUILD UP Skills exchange meeting

Two of Sympraxis Team’ members, Alexander Deliyannis and Marianna Papaglastra, joined upon invitation the 9th EU BUILD UP Skills exchange meeting in Athens on 6 & 7 December, representing QUALICHeCK, to learn from the BUILD UP Skills training initiatives and to highlight the need and ways for achieving broader integrated frameworks which ensure the application of the acquired training skills in practice, thus actually driving the market towards higher energy efficiency of the buildings. Interesting reflections were collected through in-depth discussions during the two-days BUILD UP Skills workshops, and a targeted presentation was given on QUALICHeCK specific outcomes at the end of the second day. Sympraxis Team is part of the Coordination Team of QUALICHeCK, responsible for the daily management and communications of the project. QUALICHeCK is soon approaching its end, gradually bringing its major outcomes out to the public.

HELLASCO General Assembly: With an eye towards development

On 15 December 2016, HELLASCO’s annual General Assembly was held at the Royal Olympic Hotel in Athens, with the wide participation of HELLASCO member-companies, representatives of the State, academia and business bodies. At the event following the GA, the Deputy Minister of Economy and Development Mr. Asterios Pitsiorlas made a speech, and issues of direct interest to the consulting firms were presented, such as the investment in ‘Elliniko’, road infrastructures, as well as the role of Certification in the elaboration and management of studies. Sympraxis Team was responsible for the event’s organisational support, in the framework of the overall cooperation and administrative support provided to HELLASCO.

GlobalSustain – 1st Integrated Report

In the context of the successful cooperation with Global Sustain that started 2 years ago, Sympraxis Teem undertook the creative planning of the company’s 1st Integrated Report for the reference year 2015. The report is based on the international standards GRI-G4, International <IR> Framework, UN Global Compact, UN Sustainable Development Goals, AA1000 Accountability Principles Standard 2008 and UNPRI. The collaboration of the two companies i based on the complementarity of their services, and demonstrate that the vision for a better world can generate synergies in the business world as well.

Murals with a Positive Energy message in Athens

In December 2016, two big vertical murals were realised on downtown buildings’ walls, at 58 Ilia Iliou avenue and 77 Lenorman street, in the context of the innovative public mural programme “Colouring Positive Energy”, which is implemented under the sponsorship of Amita Motion. These murals have visually transformed two central locations in Athens inspiring its citizens to adopt an optimistic attitude. The murals were realised by Urbanact and the renown street artist Same84, with the cooperation of the Athens Municipality. Sympraxis Team undertook the planning and coordination of this activity, as well as the development of the programme’s promotional and communication tools.

Journey2Jobs: Creating the professionals of tomorrow

Journey2Jobs is a new training programme aiming to enhance the employability of young people that was launched in November 2016 with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. The programme includes the intensive training of 50 young people in specialised IT skills needed by the market, personal development, empowerment, diversification of perspectives and choices, development of incentives (soft and hard skills). It also includes communication with more than 100 companies in order to identify their needs in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), as well as the intensive training of 50 young people in soft and hard skills: specialised IT skills needed by the market, personal development, empowerment, diversification of perspectives and choices, development of incentives. The main target of the programme’s first year implementation phase is to see that more than 60% of the participants enter the labour market with a stable employment. The programme is implemented by a project team which is an alliance of five specialised institutions: Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society (HePIS), Career in Progress, 1+1=2 Life and Business Coaching, BCS Hellenic Section, Sympraxis Team.

First BUILD UP web-roundtable

In the framework of BUILD UP, Sympraxis Team undertook for the first time on 12 October the organisation of a web roundtable, for the presentation of the report “Energy Transition of the EU Building Stock”, with representatives from the EC, the European Parliament and the market. Trying out such a format had been planned for some time and the specific event provided an excellent opportunity. The webinar was very successful, with 140 participants and a very lively discussion.