HORIZON 2020 iBROAD: Grant Agreement Preparation completed

iBROAD, to be implemented within the frame of the Horizon 2020 programme, is the first major European collaborative project with Sympraxis Team as coordinating partner. The relevant proposal was submitted as a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) under Pillar ‘Societal Challenges’, part ‘Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy’. The proposal’s approval was announced to the Sympraxis Team in end January, whereby the Grant Agreement Preparation procedure was initiated.

Communication material for Callisto

In February and March 2017, Sympraxis Team undertook the planning and production of the communication material of the Education and Information Programme at the North Pindus National Park, on behalf of the Environmental Organization Callisto. The project’s communication material includes: Educational Leaflet for Primary Education children “Learning about Forest Animals”; Educational Exploration Guide for the Thematic Path of Coexistence; Environmental Education Guide for Educators; “Path of Coexistence” Brochure in Greek – English with an integrated map of the Path; Folder for the material; Informational Leaflet on Poisoned Baits; Educational Leaflet on Poisoned Baits “No more poisoned baits!”; First Aid Guide for animals that have been poisoned; 5 Thematic Signs; Path Signposts; Educational Activities Boxes. The Education and Information Programme at the North Pindus National Park is realised by Callisto with the donation of Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Colouring Positive Energy at Panellinios

In March 2017, the ‘Colouring Positive Energy’ programme, implemented with the collaboration of UrbanAct under the sponsorship of Amita Motion, was completed with a horizontal mural on the wall of Panellinios G.S. on Evelpidon st. This pictorial composition was created by five young artists whose works were distinguished in the framework of a competition organised in collaboration with public and private schools of Visual and Applied Arts. Sympraxis Team undertook the planning and coordination not only of the specific activity, but of the overall programme, which included the implementation of two more big murals in the Municipality of Athens, at 77 Lenorman st. and at 58 Ilia Iliou avenue. With this programme, three central locations in Athens were visually transformed, transmitting optimism and Positive energy to the city’s inhabitants.

Recertification of services for Sympraxis Team by TÜV Hellas

In March, TÜV Hellas recertified the Quality Management System applied by Sympraxis Team as per the ISO 9001:2015 and ELOT 1435:2009 standards. This consummates in the best possible way the high service standard offered by our company to its customers. Sympraxis Team provides integrated planning and communication services for environmental and social responsibility projects, as well as fundraising and supportive studies.The company is active in the fields of social contribution, social and green entrepreneurship and environmental protection. Its clients include private companies, NGOs and public sector organisations.

QUALICHeCK was an inspiration to national energy performance of buildings compliance and quality approaches

Following a last quite intensive period, the QUALICHeCK project, addressing compliance of building energy performance certificates and relevant quality of construction works, was successfully closed in end of February 2017. With 10 new field studies and an extensive literature review quantifying the status on the ground, an analysis of 30 relevant good practices and structured guidance for the development of effective compliance frameworks, QUALICHeCK raises awareness and urges building professionals to “do what they declare”. Bringing compliance and quality issues in the spotlight by engaging authority and key stakeholders in discussions, both at national (concertation activities and roadshows in 9 countries) and at EU level (16 webinars, exchange with BUILD UP Skills and EPBD Concerted Action, 4 Platform meetings, 4 conferences and 4 technology workshops), QUALICHeCK formed an inspiration for, or has even directly influenced, the development of national approaches in several countries. Cumulatively QUALICHeCK has reached about 10,000 stakeholders over its 3 years duration. Sympraxis Team was responsible for the engagement and communication activities and has played a key role in general project management and day to day facilitation of the work.