Finance and Operations Coordinator

Ilias holds a BA in Accounting and an MSc in Finance from ALBA Graduate Business School. With more than twelve years of experience in ERP systems, he is responsible for the daily reconciliation of accounts, balance agreement, monitoring cash inflows-outflows and communication on daily basis with customers and suppliers.  He is also responsible for the organization and preparation of financial statements on behalf of Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Bodies.

Before joining Sympraxis Team, Ilias has worked for 13 years in a large company operating in the printing sector, trade and processing of newsprint paper. Moreover, for more than 7 years, he was responsible for organizing the company’s yearly participation in contests of the public sector, regarding the printing and binding operation of the school books from elementary to high school. Ilias is communicative and positive person, always eager to collaborate and as a highly skilled professional, he is always seeking for ways to solve any possible problems and offer solutions.