After one year of implementation, the Horizon 2020 co-funded ePANACEA project has concluded a series of studies to feed and kick-start the development of a new generation of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) supporting the renovation of European buildings, in line with the European Union’s Renovation Wave strategy for the decarbonisation of Europe’s building stock. In particular:

  • ePANACEA has examined the EPC policy and implementation frameworks in its six implementing countries.
  • Additional data categories have been explored for potential integration into EPCs.
  • The project has developed guidelines for linking EPCs with the emergent Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) and explored the potential link of EPCs to Digital Building Logbooks and Building Renovation Passports.
  • Economic feasibility of energy renovation is considered in a dedicated ePANACEA report.
  • An inventory of smart and novel technologies impacting building energy performance has been compiled.
  • The project has explored a range of simulation tools to support advanced energy performance assessment.
  • Involvement of stakeholders is foreseen through ePANACEA’s Technical Demonstration Board (TDB) and 5 Regional Exploitation Boards (REBs).