The 54th Blood Donation of OTE Group -started in April and completed in May 2016- was realised with the contribution of Sympraxis Team in the planning and implementation of the internal communication campaign. The material used for the communication campaign included: posters; specially designed stationary illuminated stands; mobile stands; online material on the employees’ internal network. The basic concept of the communication campaign is the special relationship that is created between the volunteer blood donor and the person who receives and uses the blood: two people which may not know each other, but the first one saves the life of the latter. OTE Group has a long tradition in blood donation, since it maintains for many years one of the biggest corporate blood banks in Greece, aiming to meet the needs of employees and their families. During the 54th Blood Donation Campaign, 1,043 blood bags from voluntary donors were collected, a figure which marks an increase of 18% and 26% respectively from the previous two campaigns of OTE Group. The total number of potential beneficiaries of the blood bags offered is estimated at 3,000 people.