QUALICHeCK was an inspiration to national energy performance of buildings compliance and quality approaches

Following a last quite intensive period, the QUALICHeCK project, addressing compliance of building energy performance certificates and relevant quality of construction works, was successfully closed in end of February 2017. With 10 new field studies and an extensive literature review quantifying the status on the ground, an analysis of 30 relevant good practices and structured guidance for the development of effective compliance frameworks, QUALICHeCK raises awareness and urges building professionals to “do what they declare”. Bringing compliance and quality issues in the spotlight by engaging authority and key stakeholders in discussions, both at national (concertation activities and roadshows in 9 countries) and at EU level (16 webinars, exchange with BUILD UP Skills and EPBD Concerted Action, 4 Platform meetings, 4 conferences and 4 technology workshops), QUALICHeCK formed an inspiration for, or has even directly influenced, the development of national approaches in several countries. Cumulatively QUALICHeCK has reached about 10,000 stakeholders over its 3 years duration. Sympraxis Team was responsible for the engagement and communication activities and has played a key role in general project management and day to day facilitation of the work.


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